10 Ways to Make Money Through Video Games

10 Ways to Make Money Through Video Games

At 6/7/2023

What do you think of video games? Are they just a form of entertainment or does someone can really make money out of them?

If you had asked someone “ What do they think about video gaming? ” 10 years ago, they would have considered it as a way of entertainment, and time passed. However, things have changed considerably. Now, people also see it as a career. Yes, you can earn lofty with video games!

From becoming a video game content creator to becoming a professional eSports player, there are a lot of easy through which you can earn money while playing video games!

In this blog, we’ll explore some great ways by which you can make money through video games. Let’s start!

10 Ways to Make Money Through Video Games

1. Become a Video Game Content Creator or Streamer

From funny reels to video gameplay videos, everything is content. And where there is content, there is a content creator. In this modern age of digital media, content creation is arguably one of the most lucrative jobs.

What do you have to do? Well, create engaging video game content for the audience that enjoys watching video gameplay. Now, this content can be of any type – gaming informational videos, fun videos , etc.

For example, you must have heard of Dynamo Gaming , he’s an Indian gaming content creator and streamer who is quite famous for his sharp gaming skills and engaging content.

2. Become a Professional Gamer

With eSport becoming mainstream, it has opened many doors of success for people wanting to become professional gamers.

Yes, you can become a professional gamer, take part in eSports tournaments and earn millions . Moreover, playing in eSports tournaments gets you popularity along with the money.

Stick to one game that you love playing and become a pro in it. Also, you can join teams on a contract basis where you can play tournaments in squads and represent your team and country globally.

3. Become a Gaming Tutor

As more and more people are starting to realize that eSports and gaming can be turned into a career and help you earn money, they are willing to pay to learn to play video games.

Yes, even parents nowadays send their children to gaming tutors so that they can become professional eSport players. Therefore, becoming a gaming tutor is a no-brainer if you have great skills in a videogame and can help others to learn the game.

You can also make video game tutorial videos on YouTube or any other video streaming site. Plus, it can be a side income all while you can still play video games for yourself.

4. Become a Video Game Quality Assurance Tester

Game productions company before launching any game, try them out with game testers so that they can check on the quality of the game and find out if there are any lags or errors in the gameplay. And who can be a better quality assurance tester than the people who play games themselves? Therefore, game production companies hire gamers to test their games.

Being a quality assurance tester is not just about playing the game until you get to the last level, you have to play the game multiple times on different designs so that you can find and report if there are any glitches or mistakes in the game.

5. Become a Game Developer

Do you love gaming and on the top hand, learn how to develop games? If so, you can be a game developer! Game developers all around the world earn very lucratively.

Either you can be a game developer in a company like Ubisoft or EA or you can be on your way to becoming a solo game developer . Either way, being a game developer can earn plenty of money.

There are many courses and degrees that can help you become a game developer. So, if you find this job intriguing, get enrolled today!

6. Become a Game Affiliate

Game affiliate marketing is as similar to any affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing, if a person makes a purchase through your affiliate link, you get a commission.

Likewise, in gaming affiliate marketing, you get to promote gaming programs of gaming companies and when someone downloads or plays the game through your affiliate link, you get a commission.

7. Become a Gaming Content Writer

Put your passion for writing and video game knowledge to work! Become a gaming content writer and turn your favorite hobby into cash. Combine the power of words with all you know about games, today!

You can either join a content writing agency as a gaming content writer or even better, you can also start writing your own gaming blogs and engage a community.  FYI – Bloggers in India earn as much as $10,000 per month .

8. Put Your Gaming Collections For Auctions

If you’ve ever played a video game for which your success earns virtual coins , then why not turn those tokens of hard-earned triumph into real profit? A quick auction could be just the ticket to monetize all that virtual effort. Even if it’s something as simple as particular levels or items within, there’s sure to be someone out there who’d pay cold cash for a shortcut from one side of the screen — and possibly straight onto their bank account!

9. Write a Gaming Guide

Unleash your expert gaming knowledge and explore the exciting world of game guide writing! Companies are always looking for talented writers to craft intricate guides that can help players maximize their sporting enjoyment. With a wealth of information at hand, dust off those typing fingers and become an integral part of revolutionizing interactive entertainment!

10. Organise Video Game Tournaments

If you are in a community of gamers and have skills to manage them, why don’t you try organizing video game tournaments for them? You can set up a certain tournament entry charge for the participants and even after paying the price money and other tournament expenses, you’ll still be left with a good amount of money in your hands.


All in all, video gaming is a great way to earn money if you know how to do it the right way! Even though video gaming was seen as a way of timepass a few years back, it now holds immense potential to become a professional career! All the ways to earn money through video games we discussed in this article can help you earn great.

1. What are the top games in which I can turn pro?

Here is a list of the top games in which you can turn into a professional player –

  • Dota 2 :  It is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena AKA MOBA game in which teams play against each other with the aim of destroying each other’s base.
  • Counter-Strike : Counter-Strike is another multiplier battle arena game in which you play with a first-person POV.
  • Call-of-Duty : Popularly known as COD, this game is widely played all around the globe and hence, has a lot of tournaments in which you can play professionally.
  • Fortnite : You are living under a rock if you haven’t heard about this extremely popular game. Fortnite is a battle royal game with the aim of survival amongst other players.

2. What is the scope of video gaming in India?

If you had asked this question a few years back, the answer might have been different. But as of now, Indians are starting to see video gaming as a proper career option. With Indian gamers such as IG Mortal and Scout representing India on the global level and earning quite good money, people have started to realize that video gaming is a career with various opportunities.

Consequent to the increasing popularity of video gaming careers in India, there are a lot of opportunities also rising in this field. From a video game tournament organizer to a professional video game player, there’s a lot of scope for video gaming in India.

3. What types of skills are needed to make money through video games?

Diving into the world of video gaming as a source of income requires an arsenal of skills that go beyond simply being an avid gamer. To truly succeed in making money through video games, one must:

  • Develop technical proficiency and gain expertise in specific popular game titles.
  • Mastering strategic thinking and honing quick decision-making abilities to give competitive gamers an advantage during intense player-versus-player battles.
  • Engaging in communication is essential when exploring avenues such as live streaming, video content creation, or coaching, as these opportunities depend on cultivating a loyal and interactive audience.
  • Developing entrepreneurial spirit is a must when venturing into the business aspect of video gaming, whether launching one’s own indie games or designing innovative in-game assets.

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