Checking Electricity Bill Payment and Viewing Payment History

Checking Electricity Bill Payment and Viewing Payment History

At 10/6/2023

It is important to understand the details of your electricity bill every month. What if your bill keeps on fluctuating between 4 figures to 6? There might be an issue with your bill and its calculation. Any incorrect calculation in your bill can lead to you paying high amount of electricity bill you never consumed. In such a condition, the discrepancy should be immediately reported to the authority. Additionally, a formal complaint asking for correction should be lodged. You need to keep yourself updated on your electricity bill payment history to spot such an issue.

Given that it is one of the basic utilities you use, you need to ensure you are paying the right amount. Therefore, old electricity bill history check is important for everyone. If you are now wondering how to check electricity bill payment history, don’t worry. We have got you covered.

How to check and download old electricity bill?

When it comes to checking electricity bill history, the process is extremely easy. Also, the process is similar for all the state electricity departments.

For your reference, we are taking an example of BESCOM – Bangalore Electricity Supply Company Limited online portal.
  • Visit BESCOM’s official website
  • You will need to login using a User ID and Password. If you are a new user, you will need to register with the portal. You will be redirected to this particular link for registration:
  • Fill in the relevant details and your user ID for the portal will be created. Now use the same credentials to login.
  • Don’t forget to click on ‘Remember my User ID’ for future use.
  • After that, you will see various headers. Head over to ‘Track Online’ option.
  • The header named ‘Track Online’ has various options. For instance :  View bill, consumption history, new connection, name change, tariff change, load change, meter shifting, surrender installation, and solar rebate.
  • The View Bill option is where you see your existing or current bill. The section will have option to make payment. Other details include Present Reading, Previous Reading, Usage, Meter number, Billing date, Deposit amount, Current charges, Total bill amount, and Due date.
  • Moving forward, you need to enter your Account ID in order to furnish these details.
  • When it comes to your old bill, you will see a header named ‘My Account’. Click on the same and a drop-down will pop up. The drop-down includes various options like Account Summary, View Bill, Pay Bill, Billing and Payment History, Consumption History, and Consumption Calculator.
  • To check electricity bill payment history , you need to click on Billing and payment history.
  • Here, you can find your old bills. You can even download the old bills and their receipts.

If you are an existing user, the process is extremely easy as it doesn’t involve new user registration.

Reasons to check electricity bill payment history

Before understanding more about how to check electricity bill, let’s understand the reasons why you would need to check electricity bill payment history:

  • As discussed above, discrepancy in numbers and possible incorrect calculation of your electricity bill.
  • To file an income tax return (if your annual electricity is equal or more than 1 lakh, you need to file for income tax return). You can do the same on Income Tax department’s website :
  • By checking your old electricity bill and downloading a PDF, you can calculate the total amount of electricity bill you paid in a year.



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