Comparing Broadband vs Mobile Data: What's Better?

Comparing Broadband vs Mobile Data: What's Better?

At 10/6/2023

Humankind has worked wonders in the technological sector. Our lives have transformed exponentially over a couple of years. Businesses which always required their employees to be present on site, now conduct business sitting from the comfort of their homes. One does not cease to be alarmed for the development humankind has seen. Thanks to the Internet, the core of any technological advancement. The Internet is not just limited to search engines or social media but is an integral part of anything and everything. Broadband is an integral part of it!

Let’s talk about how the pandemic has pushed us to accept the new normal and conduct our individual and professional lives online. A good internet connection is integral to live in this digital world.

According to various trusted sources, it is concluded that a single Zoom meeting uses an average of 900 MB of data per hour. With such data usage metric, no one can rely on mobile data to complete all their tasks online. Therefore, a good speed broadband connection is needed at your home. If you are a student, you need to attend your online classes. If you are a working professional, you need to attend zillions of work meetings to collaborate, and if you are a homemaker, you need a good internet connection to entertain yourself while taking a break!

Here are a few reasons why broadband is better than mobile data:

Unlimited data:

Mobile data recharge usually comes with a daily limit of 1 to 2 GB. Whereas a broadband connection is usually unlimited to a certain point.

Uninterrupted internet connection:

Once the daily limit of your mobile recharge is over, you can’t access anything else online. You will have to recharge your data pack repeatedly to keep on being online. With a broadband internet connection, you don’t have to recharge repeatedly and wait for a video to buffer and run.

Entertainment daily:

With no cap on the data usage, users have more than enough data to watch movies, or binge watch series daily with best video quality available on any OTT (OVER THE TOP) platform.

For working professionals:

Interruptions during a work meeting come out as unprofessional and break the flow of ideas. With a good internet fiber connection, the speed of the internet is steady and fast for users.

Multiple devices:

With Airtel Broadband plan, over 60 devices can run online with one connection. Mobile hotspots can generally have a cap as to how many devices can be connected. Moreover, the bandwidth is shared when it comes to mobile hotspots. Users won’t have the same issue with a broadband.

Online multiplayer games:

Gamers can sit back and play their online games uninterrupted without getting network error in crucial moments of gameplay.

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