Comparing Xstream Box and DTH HD: Which is the Superior Option?

Comparing Xstream Box and DTH HD: Which is the Superior Option?

At 10/6/2023

The television box has been there in our living rooms for a long time now, and has been with us in times of hardships, in joyous occasions, in festivals, parties – it has been a constant companion. It has earned its place in every Indian household as the one device that can make the entire family drop what they’re doing and connect them over the latest tv show that is on everyone’s minds.

Here are the key differences between Airtel’s Xstream box and Airtel’s DTH HD network.

Key features of DTH HD
  • Premium video quality that makes everything on the TV seem very realistic and in high definition
  • Dolby digital sound ensures every single word on the TV shows and on-screen sound effects are crystal clear at all times, which ends up maximising your entertainment factor regardless of the type of content that you are watching
  • The record and play feature brings you the added benefit of recording your favourite sports match or daily news updates, and lets you play them when you are finally free from all other commitments
  • A wide range of channels and channel packs are available for selection on your DTH HD, which helps you to save more money even as you select more channels
  • Airtel DTH set top box prices start from ₹750.
Key features of Xstream box
  • The Xstream box provides you the features that let you upgrade your regular TV into a smart Android TV without making you spend a lot of money
  • It lets you access thousands of apps from the Google Play Store which have been optimised for the big screen
  • You also get access to more than 500 TV channels in the highest possible resolution
  • Now you can stream OTT apps such as Disney+ Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and others on your TV
  • The built in Chromecast feature lets you cast content that is on your phone to the TV
  • You can use your voice to control everything on your TV, through the Google Assistant feature
  • Additional 3 months of subscription to a wide range of popular OTT apps is also available, absolutely free of cost
  • The updated price for the Xstream box stands at ₹1,500 only

Which one to choose?

While the differences between the Xstream box and the DTH HD connection are pretty clear, it makes more sense to get the Airtel Xstream box, primarily, since it provides you with the very best of both worlds – you get regular TV channels as well as experience the world of smart TVs.

With Airtel Xstream, you do not even have to purchase an expensive smart TV anymore, your regular TV will do just as fine. Powered by Google’s Android software experience, the Xstream box makes your TV smarter than it was ever before while bringing the latest technology to your home.

Overall, it provides you with a smart entertainment experience at such an attractive price that it will surely ensure that you are ahead of the curve. So, what are you waiting for? Check out the Airtel website today, enter your details and take advantage of the edge that Airtel Xstream gives you right now!


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