Connecting an Android TV Box to a Wi-Fi Network

Connecting an Android TV Box to a Wi-Fi Network

At 10/6/2023

Remember to connect your tv with the android box

  1. Turn off your TV
  2. Connect the Android TV box to your TV/monitor with the HDMI cable
  3. Ensure your TV box is connected to a power outlet

Since an Android TV is a smart TV, it needs constant internet access. Without blazing fast internet access, much of its features get restricted. Here are some of the things for you to keep in mind, which will help your android tv box wifi run smoothly.

Things to keep in mind

  1. You will have to connect your Wi-Fi to the android tv
  2. You will also need to have a Google account before you setup your android tv

Now, to provide internet to your android tv, you will either have to turn on your smartphone’s internet hotspot feature or use the home broadband.

Android TV Quick Start

  1. Once you turn the TV on, you will see a message popup that says, ‘quickly setup tv with android phone’. Proceed with it.
  2. Open the Google app on your Android smartphone and type ‘set up my device’
  3. Follow the instructions there until you get a code. Now you have to enter the code in your TV.
  4. The TV’s name will now show up on the TV. Follow the remaining instructions and your TV will be setup.
  5. In this method, your TV will directly sign-in to your Google account and wifi network.

Android TV setup with remote

  1. In this step, skip the ‘quickly setup tv with android phone’ step with your remote
  2. Now, you will have to connect to the Wi-Fi
  3. Choose the specific Wi-Fi network and enter the password accordingly
  4. Once connected, your device may or may not go into a software update
  5. Select ‘Sign In’ with your remote, enter the details and proceed with the remaining instructions on your screen

Android TV setup with mobile hotspot

  1. On your Android smartphone, turn on mobile data and the mobile hotspot feature from your settings
  2. Press skip using your remote when you see the following message: ‘quickly setup tv with android phone’
  3. Now choose the option ‘Connect with mobile data’
  4. An option with ‘Available networks’ opens up. Choose your mobile hotspot’s name from this list.
  5. Now your device is connected to the internet

Choose the best in class android tv box

If you are looking forward to purchasing an android tv box, then you should definitely go for the well-known service providers. For example, Airtel’s Xstream android box has a plethora of features, offers free subscriptions to OTT platforms and is quite cheap.


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