Discovering 4 Different Ways to Check NEFT Transaction Status

Discovering 4 Different Ways to Check NEFT Transaction Status

At 10/6/2023

In India, there are three different ways in which you can transfer money online from one bank to another. These include the National Electronic Fund Transfer aka NEFT, Real Time Gross Settlement, i.e., RTGS and Immediate Payment Services aka IMPS and UPI. However, today, we’ll be talking about NEFT transactions.

What Are NEFT Transactions And How Do They Work?

NEFT transaction feature doesn’t have much of a disadvantage. However, there’s one thing – The need to check transaction status after making a transfer via NEFT to ensure that the money has reached the receiver

How To Check NEFT Status Using 4 Different Ways?

Via Direct SMS Alerts

Since an NEFT transaction isn’t processed immediately, if linked, the customer gets an SMS on their mobile phone, the minute their receiver gets the money. These SMS alerts are received right from the time you add a beneficiary to make an NEFT transaction to the time when the money is successfully transferred.

Through Email Notifications

Similar to a linked mobile number, if you have your email id linked to your bank account when the recipient receives the money you will get notified through your email as well. So, check your email to see whether your transaction has gone through.

In both these methods, you didn’t have to manually do much. All you had to do was check your mobile phone for an SMS or your email id for an alert. However, if you still didn’t get an intimation on the current status of your NEFT transaction, try the other two methods.

Via CFC With Reference Number

Either directly on the screen after your transaction is completed.

In the detailed bank statement, under the ‘online banking’ section.

Through A Physical Bank Visit

If you didn’t get any alerts even after 2 hours of completing the transaction, it’s time to visit your bank. Provide the executive there with all the transaction details. Including your UTR (Unique Transfer Reference) Number, date of transaction, etc. They’ll immediately inform you about the status of your transaction.

Better Alternative To NEFT transactions


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