Enjoy Regional Shows on the Best Android Box

Enjoy Regional Shows on the Best Android Box

At 10/6/2023

While Hollywood and Bollywood movies are certainly very popular and enjoy a vast fan following, regional shows are doing quite well for themselves in this category too. India is a vast country, and the content preferences, themes, and overall setting of these shows can vary from region to region.

Despite their multiple differences, it is simply the variety of options available that make them so popular. Regional shows have indeed amassed quite a fan following for themselves in recent times, and the trend shows no signs of stopping right now. People love these shows because they are very realistic, depict problems that are relatable, and showcase Indian villages, towns, or cities in the truest colours. Thus, these hit very close to home.

Yeh Rishte Hai Pyaar Ke

Yeh Rishte Hai Pyaar Ke is a Hindi Indian drama that is centred around the life of Mishti Agarwal, who gets forcefully married to another family. The story is set in the city of Rajkot and explores the concept of relationships and arranged marriages throughout the series. If you are watching on TV, then you can catch the show on Star Plus. However, you can also stream the show on Disney+ Hotstar. Rhea Sharma plays the role of Mishti while Shaheer Sheikh plays the male lead as Abir Rajvansh.

Rang Maza Vegla

This is an Indian soap opera that airs in Marathi, on the TV channel Star Pravah. At the centre of the opera is Deepa, who faces multiple questions and hardships in society because of her skin colour. She soon meets Kartik, who is impressed by her kind behaviour to strangers, and they get married later on. However, Deepa continues to face several difficulties in her everyday life. Actress Reshma Shinde plays the titular role of Deepa. The show can also be streamed on Disney+ Hotstar.


An Indian drama at its very heart, Trinayani airs in Bengali and features a young girl who can foresee into the future or reminisce the past. However, this unique talent goes on to create frequent problems for her. She stands up to these challenges with a brave face and regularly tries to use her gifts to ensure that everyone around her is protected or safe. The show airs on Zee Bangla. However, you can also stream the show on your best android box through Zee5.

Jothe Jotheyali

Jothe Jotheyali is a soap opera that airs in Kannada language, on Zee Kannada. The story revolves around a 45-year-old business tycoon and a young college girl who fall in love. While both have feelings for each other, Arya, the business tycoon, refuses to acknowledge it because he fears that society will raise questions around their age if they become a couple. The series goes on to tell the tales of their many challenges as they come closer. Subscribers can also use Zee5 to stream the series.

Karthika Deepam

Airing on Star Maa, Karthika Deepam is a show that caters to audiences in Andhra Pradesh. It is a tale of two sisters, and how the dark-skinned sister gets treated unfairly by her fair skinned sister. Later on, Deepa gets married to Dr. Karthik, but she still has to face multiple challenges and obstacles in her everyday life as she tries to balance her responsibilities in her married life.


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