Improving Wifi/Broadband Internet Speed: Tips and Strategies

Improving Wifi/Broadband Internet Speed: Tips and Strategies

At 10/6/2023

Know your internet speed

  • You need to know your present internet speed to compare and see the improvement after application of speed improving tricks.
  • A good internet speed is usually when you get 80% of the promised speed. If you are indeed getting the same speed and yet have sluggish internet, you might need to upgrade your internet plan for higher internet consumption.

After checking your internet speed, try these easy tricks to improve wifi speed.

Restart your devices for faster internet speed

One of the easiest ways to improve your wifi speed is to restart all your devices.

You need to shut down your modem from main power point. Keep it off for 30-60 seconds. The shut down allows the modem to clear its virtual head and function better when switched on again.

You should also apply the same for your router. A power cycle actually helps the router and gives the network a boost. We suggest you to regularly reboot your devices to ensure better internet performance. This is one way to improve broadband speed.

Location of your router matters!

Finding the right place for keeping your router contributes to good or bad internet speed. A wireless or wifi signal is usually interrupted by physical objects like furniture, ceiling, any other appliances etc., or by radio waves of another devices like baby monitors, bluetooth speakers, cordless phones, microwaves, and so on.

Therefore, you need to centrally locate the router and keep it an elevated surface for a better signal. Avoid keeping the router in the basement or in a corner. The objects will hinder the signal and make the internet sluggish.

Switching frequency bands can help

As we know, broadband or wifi connections use two frequency bands – 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz. The 2.4 is the preferred one for all wireless networks. It provides more range. Although, the 5 GHz one offers much better speed, it is normally used for shorter range.

Consider using the right frequency band for multiple tasks. For example: 5 GHz is best for gaming, smart TVs whereas 2.4 GHz is better for security cameras, smart speakers, etc. Using the right frequency can improve broadband speed easily.

Remove unnecessary connections eating up the bandwidth

When the bandwidth is shared by multiple devices, the internet speed for each device automatically gets shared and hence slows down. Therefore, you need to recognize which background applications are eating up your broadband’s bandwidth.

Disconnect all the devices which are not in use if you are low on bandwidth. The easy way to disconnect non-essential devices is to change the wifi password and reboot your router. Post that, you can connect to only essential devices. Also, changing wifi password regularly can help you avoid piggybacking.

If you are still getting slow internet, here’s how to increase Wifi speed.

Upgrade to faster internet speed connection

If you have already tried correcting the location of the router, switching frequencies, and trying other ways, your internet consumption might be the issue here.

It means that your wifi connection is overwhelmed and bandwidth offered by the same is too low for your home’s internet connection. Therefore, you need to upgrade your wifi plan. With Airtel Xstream fiber, you can get up to 1 Gbps of speed with unlimited data. Or you can go for our other broadband plans for your home.

With us, you get high-speed internet with stability and round-the-clock connectivity.

Update your devices for better internet speed

If your internet is slow, your router or modem can be at fault. If your router or other equipment’s software is not updated, please do so. Or if the device itself is outdated, you need to replace it with a newer version for better performing internet.

Now that you know how to increase broadband speed, you can surf round the clock without any poor internet issues. For affordable internet plans, visit our website and choose the plan as per your requirement. We have something for everyone!


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