Making Electricity Bill Payment and Transferring the Bill to Your Name Effortless

Making Electricity Bill Payment and Transferring the Bill to Your Name Effortless

At 10/6/2023

Here are some tips that will guide you to transfer your electricity bill in your name.

  1. Plan Ahead When Transferring Your electricity bill It is best to plan and schedule the period you want your utility service to get terminated. Even though electric utility companies take as little as 48 hours to turn off services, planning at least two-to-four weeks prior will provide a buffer to make other adjustments.
  2. Organize Your Documents Start maintaining a folder to store the utility bill of each month. Note down your electric utility company contact number and your account number to make it easier when you call to transfer the bill in your name.
  3. Get in Contact with The Electricity Provider Most companies offer name transfer of electricity bills online via their website, or you have to give them a call for appointments to set up or shut off services. Don’t forget to keep your account number, termination and activation dates, and your new address handy when you call the company. Also, take note of the representative you spoke with and the date you contacted them in case of any confusion.
  4. Provide Information You need to submit particular details for the electricity bill transfer process. They are as follows: The exact date of the bill name transfer. Your date of birth, email address, and contact information. The new address you plan on switching to, or your current address to change the name on the account. Names of your spouse or roommate you want to include on the bill. Information related to your employment.
  5. Confirm with The Transfer Process When you move into your new apartment, you don’t want to end up with a dark home with no power. It is wise to call our electric utility provider a few days prior to your move to confirm the name transfer procedure and that everything is set up properly. Be sure to have your service provider’s helpline number and customer support email handy just in case. Once your name is transferred on the electricity bill, you can use the services by paying your bill every month.

How to make your Electricity Bill Payment?

The best way to make your online electricity bill payment is via the Airtel Payments Bank. There two ways to make the payments. They are:

  • Visit the website at and log in to your account.
  • Select “Electricity bill” on the homepage, enter the state and select your biller.
  • Now, enter your customer number and your Billing Unit (BU).
  • To get your electricity bill status click on “Fetch Bill”.
  • Verify the OTP received on your registered phone number.
  • Lastly, proceed with the online electricity bill payment.
  • Get the Airtel Thanks App and log in to your account.
  • Navigate to the Payments Bank Section and tap on ‘Electricity Bill’.
  • Choose your state and operator.
  • Enter your Contract Account (CA) number as per the bill.
  • On clicking ‘Pay Now,’ your bill payment will get processed.

This is how you can set up and start paying for your electricity services in advance to avoid any hiccups later. With a savings bank account or a digital wallet with Airtel Payments Bank, it is easier to make an online electricity bill payment. The transactions are swift and secure, eliminating the hassle of paying bills in cash or cheque. Not only that, but you can also earn rewards such as cashbacks, discounts and coupons with cashless online transactions through the Airtel Payments Bank.


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