What Makes Airtel Xstream the Top Smart Set Top Box in India?

What Makes Airtel Xstream the Top Smart Set Top Box in India?

At 10/6/2023

The world keeps moving ahead, evolving with every change. And so is the case with technology. We’ve moved on from using analogue cables to DTH, from SD picture quality to HD and now, we’re moving from the normal DTH set-top box to a smart set-top box aka the android box. Several DTH service providers came up with various versions of this android box. Some were clubbed with Alexa, while others came with OTT subscriptions and some with built-in Chromecast. However, one smart set-top box that stood out is the Airtel Xstream Box. Don’t believe us? Keep reading and you will!

Airtel Xstream – The Smart Set-top Box

It’s the Digital Era and everything is getting the smart makeover, whether it is your phone, watch, or even TV. So, if you’re wondering how to make a TV smart, we’d suggest you go for the Airtel Xstream box.

The Airtel Xstream Box is the new age set-top box provided by Airtel Digital TV that enhances the users’ viewing experience, transforming any simple TV into a smart TV. It combines your favourite TV channels along with some enriching online/OTT content to give you the best of both worlds.

What Makes Airtel Xstream Stand Out From Other Android Boxes?

Every product offered by Airtel stands out from the rest, whether it is the amazing Postpaid plans or the unique offering, Airtel Black. And same is the case with the Airtel Xstream box which is a step ahead of its competitors.

Enlisted below are a few features that make the Airtel Xstream box stand out from the rest:

  • Over 5000 Android Apps The Airtel Xstream box opens your TV’s gate to the Android world with over 5000 free apps to choose from.
  • Most Affordable Smart Set-top Box Airtel Xstream box is not only the best smart set-top box, but also the most affordable in the category. Priced at Rs 1,500, it charges only Rs 500 more than your usual HD set-top box.
  • The Power of Your Voice This smart set-top box works with the power of your voice. This means it understands voice commands in over 40 languages and follows them accurately.
  • Transform Your Smartphone Make your smartphone even smarter as the Airtel Xstream box allows you to transform it as a remote and gamepad that can be used to interact and play games on the set-top box.
  • Built-in Chromecast Feature The built-in Chromecast feature in the Airtel Xstream box truly makes it stand out from the rest as you can now simply cast/mirror your phone screen to your TV and watch everything on the big screen.

Why Is Airtel Xstream The Best Smart Set-top Box?

Despite stating numerous facts in the favour of the Airtel Xstream box being a step ahead of its competition, if you’re still not convinced, let us tell you why it is the best smart set-top box for you.

  • More Than 550 Premium TV Channels Apart from offering 5000+ android apps, the Airtel Xstream box also stays true to its DTH roots as it provides over 500 HD TV channels for the users to choose from.
  • OTT Content And Online Games You can now binge-watch your favourite OTT content on the big screen, as well as organize game nights with several online games available on the Airtel Xstream box.
  • 24/7 Efficient Customer support With this incredible android box, comes the excellent customer support offered by Airtel. If you want to take it a step further, you can always join the Airtel Black plan and get a dedicated relationship team as well.
  • Exceptional 4K Picture Quality Airtel Xstream box offers the best in class viewing experience with 4K picture quality and Dolby digital sound.
  • The Power Of Google Running on the latest Android 9.0, the Airtel Xstream box allows users to search with Google Assistant. It also offers an 8 GB ROM and dual-band Wi-Fi, making it a true smart set-top box.

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