Which is the Better Option for You: DTH or Cable Set-top Box?

Which is the Better Option for You: DTH or Cable Set-top Box?

At 10/6/2023

Giving someone the key to your entertainment can be a big decision, especially when you’re spoilt for choices. But that doesn’t mean you make the wrong choice. That’s why we’re here to help you get clarity on the different kinds of TV service providers.

Cable v/s Direct-to-home (DTH) has been an age-old debate. However, there’s been a change to it in recent years. Earlier, a cable connection didn’t need anything apart from a cable wire. But after Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI)’s regulations, now every cable connection needs a digital set-top box as well.


Direct-to-home or DTH services have changed the face of entertainment ever since their launch. All you need is a set-top box, a dish and an active package to enjoy non-stop entertainment. DTH has always ensured superior quality, first with HD channels and now with 4K picture quality and smart set-top boxes like the Airtel Xstream box.

With Android set-top boxes like the Airtel Xstream Box, you can now transform your normal TV into a smart TV. Many DTH providers like Airtel and Tata Sky offer complimentary OTT subscriptions along with a new DTH connection. Moreover, DTH services allow flexibility in payment modes where you can get a recharge from a local store or do your own recharge online to enjoy uninterrupted services.

Cable Set-top Box

With the introduction of DTH, Cable TV started running out of business. Then came the Digital set-top box or the Cable TV Set-top box. It completely changed the analogue of Cable TV format, bringing it head-to-head with the DTH services.

No dish antenna means no interruption in entertainment due to bad weather, so that’s definitely a perk of getting a Cable set-top box. You can now watch local channels, local events being broadcast and even LIVE coverage of festivals such as Ganesh Chaturthi and Janmashtami in Mumbai.

DTH Box v/s Cable Set-top Box

Let’s do a quick comparison between the two:

DTH Cable
Freedom to choose any service provider or switch brands if not satisfied. Only one option, due to the monopoly of the cable operator in your locality.
Flexible membership plans with affordable top-ups. Fixed membership plans.
Can easily make any additions or changes to the existing pack online. Will have to contact the cable provider for any additions or changes.
Offers complimentary OTT content. Offers local cable channels.
Offers up to 4K picture quality. Offers HD picture quality.
May face issues during extremely heavy rain or storms. Supposedly stays intact unless the cable wire is damaged.
24×7 customer care and priority resolution with plans like Airtel Black. Have to wait for the cable operators convenience to get issues resolved.


From the above comparison of whether to choose DTH or Cable set-top boxes, DTH services emerge as a clear winner. Not only does it offer exceptionally great packages, but the services offered along with it are also unparalleled.

And while you’re making the decision to get a new DTH connection, why limit yourself with an HD box? Go, get the Android set-top box by adding only Rs 750 more to your budget as Airtel offers the incredible Airtel Xstream box at Rs 1,500 only!


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